church fundraising Ideas

December 19, 2009

If you request people to donate the cookie dough for the fundraiser, make sure that everyone knows what kind of cookie dough they are expected to donate. The best way to go about the whole plan is by choosing assorted dough. Some fundraising companies have two or three kinds of dough that you can choose from. But it is safer to sell the popular ones such as chocolate chip and crispy squares. Also, make sure that the cookie dough can be refrigerated and stored longer. You can even pre-sell the cookie dough to get an idea of the amount of cookie dough you require. You might also set a date where people can come to purchase the cookie dough. If you are looking for more help with yorur cookie dough fundraising then have a look at, they are the best who can help you with this, They have very good ideas that could make your school fundraisers or church fundraising got more profits. nice day


Rising suicide rates among middle-aged Americans

October 26, 2008


After decades of decline, the suicide rates on the rise among Americans, especially among whites, men and women, in the middle age group, reaching the highest rate during periods of President George W. Bush.

Reported a study published in the journal “Preventive Medicine” segment that American whites between the ages of forty and 64 years, recently emerged as a new and more prone to go on suicide. Escalated white suicide rates in the age group mentioned above, during the period from 1999 and 2005, approximately 3 Per cent annually between men and 4 per cent among women, according to the Susan Baker, of “School of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg, in Maryland.

The rates of suicide among Asian and Native American at the same level, while the blacks. The suicide rate in the United States has increased during the eighties era, and then taken into recession, the annual rate, from 1986 to 1999, to begin since that time and until 2005, the escalating rate of 0.7 per cent per annum. And the oldest 32 thousand and 637 U.S. suicide in 2005, the rate of 11 per 100 thousand people. The suicide firearms of the most common means, but this use is decreasing with the passage of time, replaced by a suicide by hanging or suffocation


Elite Car Show logo Detroit International Auto

October 26, 2008

Despite the political pressures and the growing popularity for the production of cars and economic-friendly environment, we find that the new models by global auto companies produced in 2008 to focus mostly on the form and strength in showy performance.

And the deliberate auto industry during the current year to put 200 new model, combining the new design and test cars in an effort to revitalize its stagnant sales in Europe and North America.

The site of the German TV “Deutsche Welle” that the car market at the global level of decreased demand for the purchase of new cars, due to increased fuel prices and stricter legislation against pollution of the environment and economic instability.


“VW” intends to lay off thousands of workers

October 26, 2008
Company plans to “Volkswagen” the German auto industry demobilization of about 25 a day working system in an effort to rationalize the current expenditures and the face of declining car sales, in response to the repercussions of the global financial crisis and its negative effects on the automobile industry.

In a sign of the repercussions of the global financial crisis on the automotive sector reported solid, according to sources familiar with the Volkswagen German automaker spent about 25 thousand workers and day laborers going to cut production.

The newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung,” the German suggestion of such procedures and harsh austerity came at a meeting of the company’s Board Chairman Martin Ventr about 500 of its employees in the city of Wolfsburg adults, the headquarters of the giant company to produce cars.

The Ventr statements conveyed by the German television, “Deutsche Welle” that Volkswagen “will not be free from cruel blows”, in reference to the crisis of global financial markets


German gives birth to twins 6

October 26, 2008
In an unprecedented first of its kind in Germany, a woman six babies (four boys and two girls) last Thursday at the university hospital Charité in Berlin.

The newspaper “Berliner Zeitung” in the report that the twins were born six in the sixth month of pregnancy and their health was reassuring but unstable, according to the newspaper, “the Gulf”.

The hospital spokeswoman refused to make any comment to the newspaper about this incident is relatively rare to justify this refusal to the provisions of the regulations in Germany the obligation of confidentiality with respect to medical matters personal to their patients.

The cases of birth to twins six rare in Germany and the world in general.


Dieting is due .. Banana crisis sweeping the markets of Japan

October 26, 2008
Are shopping centers in Japan, the crisis in the disappearance of bananas, for a month, some observers see that the reason for the lack of bananas in the market was due to the popularity of this new diet that has swept Japan are staggering.

The newspaper “Today” that the secret of demand for bananas and rushing by girls in particular for adoption as a diet to lose weight led some to describe it as merely a collective obsession for following the same diet followed by celebrities, especially after the announcement, an actress famous for the loss of about 11 Kilograms of weight following the morning meal of bananas. , Which is composed of one finger bananas with a glass of water at room temperature in the morning


Japan plans to buy bank shares to face financial crisis

October 26, 2008
The Japanese government is currently considering a package of emergency economic measures to address the financial crisis that continues to ravage the global financial markets and Japanese, are planned to reveal the plan at the beginning of next week at the earliest.

The Japan International Radio that the government had intensified its efforts to support the market short-term lending and halted the sale of shares but with the continuing volatility of global equity markets The Japanese government is studying new measures to curb the decline in prices.

State news agency that the country under these procedures will body for the purchase of shares owned banks to resume buying stocks owned by financial institutions for the first time in two and a half.


“Creative” the development of two new loudspeakers

October 26, 2008
Has launched “Creative Technology Ltd.” new series of loudspeakers that bears the name of “Creative Giga Yerkes and T-40 Series 2” and “Creative Giga Yerkes and T-20 Series 2” High Stethoscopes systems consisting of two pieces.

The company designed the new systems in order to upgrade the headphones to listen to music via PCs and devices “Mac” and units operating files “or PINS 3” to a new level of excellence, which designs meet the requirements and aspirations of most users and ensure accuracy


Asus put a computer system touch

October 26, 2008
ASUS has announced it will Electronics as a new computer system – the Mac from Apple, since all the components inside the computer screen.

And a new computer name “any Top” with a screen size of 6-inch .15 system of touch.

Could control the functions of the computer by touching the screen or by using both index fingers, and also with a computer keyboard and mouse.

It will provide all the organs of “any Top” operating system Windows XP Home Edition, as well as Vtany “Yu. SA. P.” integrated camera and feature local wireless networking, “W. because”.

The computer “Any Top,” Atom processor from Intel is equipped referred to the core capacity of 160 GB RAM and a gigabyte as well as integrated graphics card.


Hand-design three-dimensional Motorola

October 26, 2008
Pentagon Motorola MOTOJEWE by phone, which will cause the desire of the Chief Procurement Officer procured fashion lovers, thanks to design three-dimensional high-Treatment with a final touch the glittering such as women.

Said Patrick Mulligan, Vice President and Director General of mobile devices for the Middle East and Africa, Motorola: “MOTOJEWEL phone combines modern trends with the latest fashion designs for the quality of mobile phone and adds the possibility to give control of innovative mobile communications users experience a unique and glamorous.”

The phone is designed MOTOJEWEL magician and lightweight and small size and remarkable Anhinaath, to rest in the hands of the user with light.

And the structure of the phone screen with a metal stop vibrant, which seem to “float” without limits, in addition to the presentation provided by Premier screensaver that allows the user to key digital touch control music player from abroad without the need to open up the phone.